EEG indicators of emotional reactions

The article was writen for congress, but had never been published.

Abstract. Nowadays nobody doubts that emotions govern all the fields of our
activities. It can cause poor or good adaptation to the problem situation. But up
to now we don’t have any clear objective parameters to diagnose the emotional
process, its degree (strong or week) and meaning (positive or negative). In such
a situation nobody can build a convincing experiment concerning emotional
states. In the present research it was shown that the dynamics of EEG-spectrum
reflects the subjective emotional differences of stimulation. Intensity of
spectrum in 6-8Hz diapason varies according to the pole of emotional reactions
and depression of alpha rhythm varies according to intensity of emotions. It can
constitute the base for a principal new method of objective diagnostics of
emotional responses which can be used by doctors, future researches and
publicity professionals.
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